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Pride Soccer Club
Pride Soccer Club Services                                 
Match Play/League
Players train 2-3 days each week with days and times varying from season to season.  Sessions consist of physical conditioning, technical training, and tactical application.  Separate goalkeeping sessions are offered each week.  Players are trained based on current ability and age appropriate concepts.  Each player will be pushed to improve and expected to stay focused throughout each session.  Training is included with your club membership fees.  Our coaches are volunteers....they receive no payment for their time or travel as part of this club's commitment to the needs of this community.
The MISSION of PSC is to foster the game of soccer at a competitive level.  We will provide quality services in order to promote, educate, 
and stimulate the minds of young players. We will conduct affairs in a responsible and ethical manner in a continuing effort to contribute to youth soccer.

Our BELIEF is that soccer is a player oriented sport.  The coach sets the framework and guides the level of play, but the player must have the confidence to make decisions.  We will model patience, consistency, sportsmanship, and civility to foster players of the highest character.

The FOCUS of this club is teaching and development.  Technique is key to becoming a talented, consistent player.  We will reward players for thoughtful decision-making and play. Players will be redirected when appropriate or briefly withdrawn from play when a targeted lesson is needed. Players must earn their place on the field which is accomplished through a personal commitment, a positive attitude, and respectful behavior.

Our COMMUNITY efforts are extended through our partnership with Munford Parks and Recreation and Munford Soccer Academy.  We assist in providing age appropriate lesson plans and counseling volunteer coaches and players during each season.
We will participate in the MSSF league at Mike Rose Soccer Complex in Collierville, TN each season.  This consists of one match per week against teams of similar age and ability.  There are no statistics or standings kept in this league as it is simply for teaching, improving, and gaining experience.  Fees and schedules for this league are set by MSSF and are non-negotiable.  Players are expected to arrive on time with all of their gear to every match.
Each team will participate in at least two full-sided tournaments per season. 
Each tournament lasts an entire weekend and may require overnight accommodations. 
Families are responsible for their personal expenses as well as transportation.

Individual players may also participate in small sided 3v3 tournaments. 
These are typically one day tournaments that are meant to improve footwork and decision making in a fast paced game. The fees for these tournaments are in addition to any fee paid to Pride SC and usually cost $30 per player.
Our fees are all inclusive unless otherwise noted, and all fees collected go directly to the players and their needs.  We are able to keep our fees low because all staff are highly qualified volunteers.  Fees listed below are per season.  The only additional fees that may arise are on an optional basis for 3v3, replacement player gear, parent support gear, or extra opportunities that arise.  Fees are subject to change if vendor and event costs rise.  The fees listed below are for one season (either fall or spring).

New players pay a total of $375 for fall or spring
Returning players pay a total of $275 for fall or spring
          *New uniforms and other gear are made available for additional fees. 
          *A uniform change occurs no more often than every two years and adds additional fees.

For example, if a player joins in the fall at $375, he/she is then a returning player in the spring at $275, and he/she will remain a returning player thereafter.

*A special circumstance regarding fees may need to be discussed and applied for middle school aged players who are able to play for both this club and their middle school team as long as allowed by TSSAA bylaw/rule*

Fee breakdown:  
    Club fee - $50, which pays for state registration/awards
    Team fee - $225, which pays for league play/tournaments
    Gear fee - $100, which pays for uniform kits and training shirts.  Other items are available for additional fees.

Club fundraisers and business sponsorships are offered in an effort to maintain club supplies and keep costs low.  These funds are used directly for club necessity and to supplement some incurred expenses.  At this point, we cannot apply these funds to individual player fees. 

Club accounting is maintained jointly by Leigh Nicks (club administrator), Jennifer Travis (team manager), and Gwen Matheny (team parent).  Full budgets and expenses can be made available at any time.

Fees can be paid to Leigh Nicks at any club event.  Checks should be made payable to Pride Soccer Club. Cash payments should be placed in an envelope and labeled with the player's name and purpose.  
I go out and do the best I can in each game, and I don't think about the fouls other players will commit or whether I might be injured. It only does you harm to worry about those things.

--L. Messi