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FIFA Laws of the Game
Mike Rose Soccer Complex

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Directions to MRSC:
From Munford, take Munford Rd/Main St/Atoka-Idaville Rd; turn right onto Rosemark Rd; cross Hwy 14; turn left onto Millington-Arlington Rd; turn right onto Brunswick Rd; turn left onto TN-385 E; take Forest Hill Irene Rd exit; turn left at the end of the ramp; MRSC is immediately on the right.  This drive takes just less than an hour.

​Weather will be affecting us throughout the season, so be sure to sign up for the MRSC weather alerts and check regularly for new information on this website, our Facebook page, and Twitter feed.

As match season is upon us, please remember that there is a certain etiquette to be followed.  League matches are meant to be instructional; so, it is imperative that the players be able to hear the coaches.  Any vocal support from family needs to be encouraging remarks when appropriate, not constant direction and disappointment.  This could unintentionally distract or confuse the players.  The coaches can train them, but they have to be able to focus and make their own decisions.  The coach cannot make the players play the way they are trained to play.  The players have to want to play well and take direction for the coaches.  Each player has a job and a focus on the field, so allow them the opportunity to grow and succeed individually and as a team.  Thank you all for your support!

            *Please refrain from approaching the team bench during a game.
            *Stay on the spectator side of the field at all times.  This includes staying away from the goals.
            *Please avoid any and all negative contact with officials, parents, and coaches regarding game play.
General Information
PAYMENTS - All remaining fees are due now!
Practice Schedule

Attending practice is important to both individual and team development.  Success takes a total team effort. All weeknight practices are now held at Centennial Field 5 due to daylight savings.  Saturday practices are at Valentine Park. 

November 2 - U9 (gray) @6
                         U10 (gray) @ 6
                         U12 (gray) @ 6
                         U14 (gray) @ 7 (CANCELED - Coach is out of town)
November 4 - U9, U10, U12, U14 (pink) @ 9 / Keepers @ 10:30
November 7 - U12 (gray) @ 6
                         U14 (gray) @ 6
November 9 - U9 (gray) @ 6
                         U10 (gray) @ 6
November 11 - U9, U10, U12, U14 (pink) @ 9 / Keepers @ 10:30
November 14 - U12 (gray) @ 6
                           U14 (gray) @ 6
November 16 - U9 (gray) @ 6
                           U10 (gray) @ 6
November 18 - U9, U10, U12, U14 (pink) @ 9 / No Keeper practice


club communication

text the team code to 81010 and download the app to your phone

U9 - eg8bee
U10 - @prideu10
U12 - @prideu12
U14 - @u14pride
U16 - @prideu16
Match Schedule

November 9
U12 / 6:00 / F#14A / Black
November 13
U9 / 7:05 / F#5A / Black
U12 / 6:00 / F#14B / Lime
U14 / 7:30 / F#6 / Lime
November 15
U14 / 7:30 / F#2 / Black
U10 / 7:05 / F#5B / Black
U9 / 7:05 / F#5C / Lime
November 20
U9 / 7:05 / F#5C / Black
U10 / 6:00 / F#4A / Black
U12 / 6:00 / F#4C / Lime
November 27
U10 / 6:00 / F#15A / Lime
U14 / 6:00 / F#6 / Lime